Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feb 15

Well I was supposed to go on a scout this weekend but Hungry(the guy that set up the scout)fell on the ice and broke a rib.I suppose some of you might be interested in where I scout.The Hoosier National Forest has vast amounts of woodland where folks can hunt and camp.I wont disclose the exact spot but its in Perry County Indiana.
I tend to go solo now since I had a injury that slows me down from going at other peoples pace.Solo scouting/trekking can be real rewarding.It also has its drawbacks.You have to do everything yourself and entertain yourself.You need to be twice as carefull cause on mis step and bang your in dp doo doo.Im going to get my loving wife to upload some photos of my gear so we can see some examples of what I take on a scout.