Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting ready for a scout

I am leaving in the morning on a scout at Cains Keep.I will be in there solo until Friday when I should be joined by a few others of like mind.It will give me the time to focus on solitude for a couple of days until the others come in.The weather forcast looks good with rain showers on a couple of days.I know some folks like lists and live by them so I will post what I shall be taking on this outing.


Linen knee breeches

Linen shirt

Linen waistcoat

Fustian Hunting Shirt

Leather leggings with barktanned leather knee garters

Fugawee Ligonier shoes

Wool Monmouth cap

Silk neck scarf

Leather waistbelt with accoutrements(belt knife,hatchet,8 tube cartridge box,noggin)


20 Bore Fusil

Powder Horn

Slit pouch with ammo and mecessities for my gun


Tony Baker Homespun Blanket

Palaise sack(to be stuffed with leaves for a bed)

Small brass kettle

Flint and steel

small market wallet with my food snd bits snd pircrd ie spoon,salt horn,sewing repair kit ect.

Moccasins for wearing around camp and sleeping in.


Parched hominy

Parched peas

Dried beef

Wild rice

Dried onion

Im sure to toss stuff in or out it all depends on my mood and the situation due to the senerio or lack there of.This trip is for me to get back to being me,I feel I havent been for quite some time.Will possibly take a camera and get some photos to post.I will keep a journal on this trip and will post the entrys here when I get back.

Im not sure who else will be showing up this weekend but those that do are good woodsmen in thier own right.

My wife Connie was looking at my Blog and noticed that I now have more compasses than I had last week.I didnt tell her about the one I picked up at Locust Grove on saturday.That means I must get more of them and she wont notice such things.